Christmas in London

Hello everyone !

Here’s a new article to wish you all a happy new year !! I wanted to share with you what I did for Christmas.

For Christmas, I fulfilled a dream : going to London. I really really wanted to see the lights, the magic, the atmosphere and a friend and I made it possible.

We booked a AirBNB for two nights and we reached England by bus. The travel was so long (about 10hours) but we were so excited when we got there. In this article, I will guide you to know what to do during this period.

london christmas westminster

1) Shopping

You can go all along the Oxford street from 2pm to 9pm !!! Usually, english people close stores very early (4pm, 5pm) but during Christmas, you can shop for so long ! Obviously, you will not forget to spend a whole hour in PRIMARK, and getting out with 3 huge bags of gifts for your family and for yourself of course. I also would like to mention the amazing Liberty center. The building is old and beautiful and inside everything is so exepensive and shiny… I bought some fabrics for my mum and I was so proud to buy Liberty fabric in the official Liberty shop ! You also can enjoy Seven Dials with the lovely Neal’s yard.








london christmas oxford street





oxford street liberty






neal's yard seven dials christmas london

2) Food

As we are students, we were looking for cheap (but good) pubs or restaurants in which we could eat a fish and chips. We also wanted to try a nice english breakfast, so were told that the Breakfast club was an amazing restaurant… So we tried to go there and we saw a huge line with 1 hour of waiting… So we went in a smaller place to have our english breakfast (I don’t remember the name…)







london christmas food pub fish and chips

3) Christmas

The decoration in the Oxford Street is amazing but in all the big streets too. We went in London especially to walk in little markets and we thought there were a lot of them, so we were a little disappointed when we saw there were only 3 markets. The bigger one is in Hyde park : Winter in Wonderland. It’s like a fair with carousels and little markets. The atmosphere of the fair wasn’t like in France, it was a family thing with a magical theme. It was really nice !





london christmas winter in wonderland hyde park

4) Culture

I am a HUGE fan of Sherlock Holmes thanks to the TV-show… And I’m (not) sorry to say that I’m so in found of Benedict Cumberbatch, he made me love the caracter and the universe. So, I begged my friend to go to the museum situated in the famous 221B Baker street. We were running out of time, so I just did the shop (yes… that’s a shame… but I will know what to do next time !). I bought a nice mug (YES, I’m a fan.) and a card holder (A BIG ONE.)


london sherlock holmes


london sherlock holmes museum

Our journey was AWESOME ! Short, but intense. Special thank to my dear friend Marie, always there for new adventures <3





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